Campbell County, Timberlake Road area clean up after massive storms

CAMPBELL Co., Va. (WDBJ7) Campbell County has a lot of cleanup after storms ripped through Sunday evening.

Darren Musser said, “It's just really dark and eerie and I said to my girlfriend, 'Look how calm it is.'”

That's how Darren Musser described the moments before the storms first hit. Minutes later, the winds and rain picked up. Air 7 video shows the aftermath. Businesses along Timberlake Road suffered major damage. Many roofs were torn up.

Power crews were spending Monday repairing lines. As of noon Monday, AEP reports about 2,000 outages in Campbell County, 10,000 in Lynchburg and another 17-hundred in Amherst County. Musser was walking around seeing the damage firsthand.

“We're finding pieces of debris that should be across the street or down the street so the stuff has just blown all over the place,” said Musser.

Thankfully, he didn't suffer much damage at his home, but it's a different story for Joseph Riner.

Joseph Riner said, “Pictures started flying off the wall at me and we immediately started running to the basement.”

He says the storm sounded like a freight train. Riner and his family went downstairs to the basement to wait it out. When they emerged, they saw the damage.

“There's just stuff everywhere,” said Riner. “It was hard to see past the neighbors and there were just trees and parts of the house swinging in front of the windows.”

Debris from a nearby business flew into his yard.
He says they'll be cleaning up for awhile -- but he's still thankful.

“ I'm still fortunate that we didn't get any more damage than this,” he said.