Campbell County animal control investigating attack that led to dog's death

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ALTAVISTA, Va. (WDBJ7) Shirley Taylor says there wasn't much she could do when she came home Saturday afternoon and found her Chiweenie named "Tip" lying motionless in her front yard.

"I picked him up from where he was laying, wrapped him up, and carried him to the hospital," Taylor told WDBJ7 Monday.

She hoped a veterinarian could save Tip, but he never made it to the animal hospital.

"He died before we got halfway to Lynchburg," Taylor said. "I was holding him in a towel. He looked up at me, started breathing hard, and that was it."

Taylor said Tip was attacked by two German Shepherds who live several blocks away. She said a neighbor spotted the attack unfolding in the yard and alerted Taylor's husband, who was inside the house.

Altavista has a law that requires pets to be kept on a leash when they're outside the owner's property.

"It makes me angry because they have their dogs," Taylor said. "I can never have Tip back."

Campbell County Animal Control is investigating the case as a civil matter. Officer Joseph David met with Taylor Monday afternoon.

"If a dog attacks another companion animal and causes serious injuries, or kills it, then they can be declared dangerous," David explained, citing the section of Virginia code pertaining to dog attacks.

If the attacking dogs are declared dangerous, owners of the victimized dog can file a lawsuit and pursue damages.

Taylor said she isn't sure how she'll proceed yet.

"The only thing I can say is please keep your dogs put up," said Taylor. :Keep them on a leash."

The dogs believed to be involved in the attack were located by Altavista police and returned to their owner. They will not face criminal charges.