Campbell County leaders pursue funding for Timberlake Road improvements

Published: Jan. 28, 2020 at 5:24 PM EST
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Thousands of drivers use Timberlake Road every day to reach their jobs, go shopping and grab a bite to eat.

"It's the busiest corridor within Campbell County," said Campbell County's deputy county administrator, Clifton Tweedy. "It's a commercial center, it's a residential area and it's also a fairly busy commuter access from the western part of Campbell County."

In recent years the number of vehicles on Timberlake has grown substantially.

"If you go at rush hour, it's going to take you a good 45 minutes to go two or three miles down the road round trip," said Susan Hogg, who has lived in the Timberlake area for 20 years. She says the problem is especially bad where Timberlake intersects with Greenview Drive and Laxton Road, near Brookville High School.

"My house is about a mile from Brookville High School. Every time I hear a siren out towards Timberlake Road I cringe, say a little prayer and hope it's not serious," Hogg said.

A recent study identified 660 crashes on Timberlake during a five-year period, in the five-mile stretch between Waterlick and Leesville Roads. Five of those crashes were deadly.

To improve safety, engineers have recommended a series of improvements that include synchronizing traffic lights and removing some crossovers in the median.

At key intersections like the ones at Greenview and Laxton, engineers suggest building additional turn lanes.

Hogg represents the Timberlake area on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors, which voted unanimously last week to prioritize Timberlake for improvements. She hopes the recommended upgrades will make a difference.

"This has been a long time coming," said Hogg. "I'm really grateful to see it starting to move."

Campbell County leaders plan to seek funding under Virginia's "Smart Scale" process to pay for the Timberlake Road improvements. The intersections with Greenview and Laxton are the highest priority. Improvements, which are estimated to cost around $10 million.

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