Campbell County man survives cardiac arrest experience at his gym

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- On May 5th at only 46-years-old, Ken Landrum went into cardiac arrest while training at Crosswhite Fitness. "It's got wires that go down into my heart," he now has a new implanted defibrillator to monitor his heart. "It keeps it in rhythm if it gets out of rhythm," he explained.

Photo: Ken Landrum

Landrum is no stranger to physical fitness.

He played football for 18 years and was a running back for Virginia Tech in the early 90s.

But, out of nowhere..."I was doing the battle ropes right here," he said while pointing to the floor. "And then all of a sudden my arms they said locked, my head went back, my eyes rolled back and I just dropped to the floor."

Landrum credits many people for saving his life that day.

Including Ben Crosswhite. "He was completely gone, I think, and his heart had completely stopped," said Crosswhite, the owner of Crosswhite Fitness.

Before paramedics arrived, Crosswhite administered CPR and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). "And it told me to shock him," he explained.

Crosswhite says he made the decision to get the defibrillator last year and train himself and his staff to use it. "I'm glad I did that, I'm glad I got the AED, being prepared saved Ken's life," he said.

Landrum was taken to the hospital where doctors continued to work on him.

Landrum spent time in medically induced coma to help the healing process. "It sounds weird to say it, but I'm very lucky to be alive," said Landrum.