Campers excited to spend the week at Martinsville Speedway

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Some campers have already made their way to the Martinsville Speedway for a week of vacation before the big race.

And we might have found the youngest fan yet!

We meet Laurel, she's part of the Garvey and Schaffer crew.

The two families are from upper state New York, met 6 years ago at the Martinsville race and have camped together ever since!

This year the families say they want to make their way into Uptown Martinsville for the first time!

"We've never been in the city of Martinsville, we've been close but never in the city, we are headed that way this week," Camper Ed Schaffer said.

"Going down to the little People's Mart down here and have their breakfast sandwiches, I bring them back for everybody we love them," Camper Bryan Garvey said.

Speedway leaders say there are already around 200 campers in for the week before the race.

They are expecting hundreds more before the week is out.

And Your Hometown Station will have live team coverage on Friday at Five and Six.