Campers filling up campground at Martinsville Speedway

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) It's race week in Martinsville and Monday's rain isn't keeping fans away!

They have already started filling the campground at Martinsville Speedway.

More than 300 campers have already found their spots and started setting up for the week, and the campground isn't even halfway full.

Campers started filling the lots Saturday morning. Officials at the speedway say 150 campers were in line at 11:00 AM.

Many of the same campers come year after year.

"I get to spend time with my Martinsville family," says Cody Pagans.

Pagans is a student at Franklin County High School and his mom let him call off school for the week because his grades are good.

This is his fourth year at the track for the October race.

"All the relationships I've made are kind and sweet," he says.

Even campers all the way from Canada are joining in on the fun.

"We do a race circuit. We do about 12 races a year. We love Martinsville. It's our favorite track," says race fan from Canada, Kathy Gardner.

The campers say coming twice a year and staying the week is something they look forward to.

They say it truly is a family.

"Lots of love. People have good hearts and I think that's what's missing in this world and NASCAR people are fabulous. And I love Martinsville," says Gardner.

Martinsville Speedway officials say campers will continue filing in all the way up until Saturday night in preparation for the First Data 500 on Sunday.