Campers flood Martinsville Speedway ahead of the STP 500

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) It's officially race week and the speedway is already seeing plenty of action ahead of Sunday's race.

Staff at Martinsville Speedway say they had about 155 campers come into the grounds on Saturday morning, and even a few more since.

Many of the campers say they've been coming for years.

Billy and Sandra Lawrence have been coming to Martinsville Speedway at least twice a year, for six years.

They bring their sidekick, Booger the cat, and camp all week long.

"Now that we're both retired we can do it for the whole 10 days. We do it 10 days. We camp up here on the hill," says Sandra.

They say rain or shine: "A day here is better than a day at home."

They come all the way from Raleigh, North Carolina to cheer on their favorites, grill and hang out.

They have their race family here in Martinsville.

"Now we are friends outside of camping," says Sandra. "That's why we love it here."

And they love the racing of course.

"Good racing, Very good racing. Short track racing, you never know what's gonna happen," she says.

They wish more tracks were short.

"People are trying to build up into the bigger tracks, but the small tracks, they need to hang around," says Billy.

Billy says staying all week is like following a rolling circus.

They love to see all of the work behind the scenes.

"It's not all about the race. It's about the experience. You can't see this stuff on TV," he says.

Like many people, Billy and Sandra both are really hoping the speedway will turn on the lights this weekend.

They say they'll be out there watching, even if there's little rain.

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