Campers gather days in advance of big race at Martinsville Speedway

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) It's getting busier and busier at the Martinsville Speedway as the big race comes closer. Three days to go and the Martinsville tourism folks are making sure campers realize what else there is to explore while in town.

Campers started arriving Monday. And that's exactly what community leaders want to see because it gives those campers a chance to explore the area.

"List of places to have dinner while you are here this weekend, our museums and attractions you may want to check out,” Martinsville Tourism Director Jennifer Doss said.

Doss, alongside Blue Ridge Village's Tilisa Riddle drove around the Martinsville Speedway campground, welcoming folks to the area. Doss says each information bag she gives out shows people all there is to do from Uptown Martinsville to Phillpot Lake.

"We are also giving them an activity guide that is chalked full of information about where to shop, dine, stay and play while in Martinsville Henry County," Doss said.

Campers today say when folks like Doss and Riddle reach out, it makes them feel welcome.

"Oh I think it's an awesome place. It's just like second to none. Their hospitality,” camper Tom Grega said. "We like it there is more stuff to do here then we have time this weekend.”

“What we are doing out here, what these folks and what local businesses and citizens are doing is making a difference cause they said there is no place like Martinsville, they love this race and they love coming every season, every race,” Riddle said.

Watch for more continuing coverage ahead of the NASCAR race at the Martinsville Speedway Friday on WDBJ7.