Candidate profile: A closer look at who's running in the 9th U.S. Congressional District

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MONTGOMERY CO., Va. (WDBJ7) There's less than a week now until election day and for the first time since his initial run, Ninth District U.S. Congressman Morgan Griffith has two people trying to unseat him - a democrat and independent.

WDBJ7 spent time with all the candidates in the race that, for the most part, has been a quiet run in the ninth district. Not much advertising and only one debate.

"I've worked hard in Washington, D.C. to build some alliances on both sides of the aisle that can benefit the ninth district as we move forward," said Congressman Morgan Griffith.

The incumbent is predicting he'll keep the seat he's held in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2010. Derek Kitts, a retired Army veteran who is running for his first elected office, has other plans.

"Real leadership is finding solutions, not identifying problems. I think that's an easy cop-out in way elections are run. With the way we do business, the way we move forward is I believe that it's finding solutions and I've been able to present a lot of plans for that," Kitts said.

The independent in this race is no stranger to running for office. Janice Allen Boyd isn't taking money for her campaign to prove a point.

"No I don't want any donations. I will not be bought. I am a one woman show, what you see is what you get," Boyd said.

All three candidates are focused on bringing jobs back to rural Virginia and all support coal.

Ask them about the key to their campaigns and you'll get three very different answers.

"My platform is basically the Trump Pence platform. I am pro-life. I am the only pro-life candidate on the ballot," Boyd said.

"The key to turning around Southwest Virginia it's infrastructure, education, and jobs," Kitts said. "We have to build infrastructure. We've got counties right now where you can't get an emergency signal from one side to the other."

"I think people know that I've been out there. You know I take tough positions sometimes people like them sometimes they don't," Griffith said. "I think people are beginning to realize in D.C. that, that boy from Southwest Virginia works hard, studies the issues, and has some good thoughts."

The candidates are spending the last days before the election canvassing the nearly 10,000 square-mile district.