Carilion Giles Community Hospital tripling specialty services with expansion

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PEARISBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) One hometown hospital is getting a big makeover, expanding it's specialty services to three times its current size.

It's all to better serve Giles County and the surrounding areas.

The open space in front of and next to the current Carilion Giles Community Hospital is where the new building is being constructed.

An addition totaling 10,410 square feet.

Crews were hard at work Thursday preparing the land to hold the large connection, which will even have its own entrance.

It's work that came at the request of the people living here and using this hospital.

Stephanie Spencer is the Community Health Educator at CGCH.

She explained, “Three years ago we completed a community health needs assessment which identified the needs for specialty care in our community. As a result, Carilion responded by providing the expansion services that you see today.”

That specialty care includes cardiology, orthopedics, and general surgery.

The hospital has each of those services but not every day, and the existing facility continues to run out of rooms for those cases.

“In the past we had to travel to Roanoke for some of the specialty cares that are now going to be able to be offered here at our facility,” Spencer said.

But it is more than just solving travel time for patients. Spencer said it's about making them more comfortable closer to home to get the help they need.

“It of course helps family members where they don't have to travel nearly as far and it gives a level of comfort,” Spencer said.

The hospital said Carilion already has doctors who would come to Giles County to work at this new clinic.

The work is expected to be done by mid-Summer.

Spencer said the hospital is doing another community health assessment to see what else patients and families think the hospital needs.

If any other additions need to be made they would also go into the new addition, as the larger size allows for that. The best way to get involved in that assessment, Melissa, is to go online and take the hospital's survey.

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