Carilion kids receive toys from the Rail Yard Dawg teddy bear toss

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) The teddy bear toss is a tradition at Minor League Hockey games.

And on Thursday, the Rail Yard Dawgs took stuffed animals from their December 16th game to a new home with some loving kids, all thanks to their fans.

"In the minor-league hockey world, a teddy bear toss is a holiday tradition. Every team does it. We obviously played along. We just asked people to bring in bears. And after our first score, they throw them on the ice," Rail Yard Dawg Marketing Manager, Alexandra Martin says.

Fans brought bears in all shapes and sizes -- Some where harder to pack up.

"We bring trash bags obviously to clean the bears off the ice, and those guys don't fit onto trash bags. So then you are start carrying them arm in arm, but it's really cool to see people bring that big of an animal," Martin said.

Some of the animals found new owners at Roanoke's Rescue Mission, and other are for Carilion patients.

"We hand them out which is kind of special for the kids to maybe did not get to go home for the holidays," Martin said.