Carillion gives safety tips for trick-or-treating Halloween night

Published: Oct. 31, 2019 at 9:20 AM EDT
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Halloween and costumes go together like peanut butter and jelly.

But even if you have your kids' costumes all planned out, Carillion has some last-minute ideas that may make the night even more spook-tacular!

"We highly recommend the face paint over the face mask. So if they have a face mask on, it's going to restrict their vision, and we might not be able to see cars that are coming, and cracks in the sidewalks, those types of things," said Jill Lucas Drakeford, Carillion Children's Safe Kids Coordinator.

Lucas Drakeford has seen the spooky and she's seen the scary, and while both of those things are thought of highly for Halloween night, making sure your kids can see where they're going could be the best way to keep them from tripping, which is the most common injury.

It's not just what's on their face either. It's important to be mindful of props they will carry as well.

"These are two different types of swords, so even though this is plastic and not a real sword, it's still sharp enough that it could get into someone's eyes. So something a little softer, made out of the foam material, if they're going to have any kind of props," said Lucas Drakeford, while demonstrating the difference.

It's also important to have your child carry some kind of light. You can even incorporate it into the costume.

"One thing that we know, it's probably going to get dark a little earlier, so the biggest thing we really want if you're out trick or treating or if you're going to be a driver, is to really be aware that there are going to be pedestrians out there. Drivers slow down, put your cell phones down," said Lucas Drakeford.

Putting the cell phone down applies to walking the neighborhood too. Lucas Drakeford stressed staying alert could prevent any major incident.

The night could also be a time for learning, especially with younger trick-or-treaters.

"Use this as a time to educate. Always look left right left before you cross the street. We really don't want kids under the age of 10 crossing the street by themselves, and kids under the age of 12 probably shouldn't be out there trick or treating by themselves."

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