Carilion helps children track Santa on Christmas Eve

Published: Dec. 24, 2019 at 4:23 PM EST
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It's Christmas Eve, so we all know what that means: Santa is on his way!

Roanoke Memorial tracks Santa all day on Christmas Eve, making sure he can get to every home and hospital room.

Lilah Cork and Hannah Turnbull are spending Christmas Eve in the command center at Carilion, making sure he gets their presents to them safely and on time.

While it's Hannah's first time tracking Santa at Carillion, Lilah considers herself a professional and even taught us a lesson.

"He's going like a million miles a second! He's going faster than you could ever imagine," Lilah said.

Even though they are watching him carefully to make sure they get their presents, they have another favorite part.

"We like to pronounce the names, they're really cool names, like she says where they go overseas, like China. It's really fun," Lilah said.

When asked if they were on the naughty list, Hannah says, "No!" However, Lilah thinks she might be telling a story.

"Hannah, everyone can be just a little bit naughty each year," said Lilah.

They just want to make sure they don't get coal this year!

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