Carl Kennedy pleads guilty, Emma Grace Kennedy's mom speaks out

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Its a story that crossed state lines.

Neighbors in both Virginia and North Carolina were concerned that little Emma Grace was in danger after her father Carl Kennedy allegedly took her from mom Kristen Murphy at knife point.

"We had reasonable fear for her life at that point in time," said Lt. Richard Chivvis with Danville Police.

Now, 15 month old Emma is a happy toddler who love blueberry mini muffins and cuddling with mom. The two were reunited a day and a half after her abduction.

"None of this is easy. The whole process has been very difficult," said Murphy.

On Wednesday Kennedy plead guilty to six charges including kidnapping of child by parent and attempt of abduction.

A case with many factors.

"The fact that he was a father, her being taken from her mother, facts of the civil custody agreement, that played a key role in the evidence presented in the case," said Lt. Chivvis.

While Emma is far too young to understand what happened last June, Murphy has already thought about a future conversation she'll have with her daughter.

"I am not one to degrade other people. You know I feel like when the time comes, Emma should be able to make her own decision on her father," said Murphy.

In the meantime, Emma Grace will keep growing and learning new things like how to walk and how to talk--things that Murphy is so thankful she gets to watch.

"I'm a mother above all, you know that's what I want. Whatever happens is meant to be," said Murphy.

Carl Kennedy's next court date is February 27th for sentencing.