Multiple cars broken into near Radford University

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) Radford police say they have several people of interest after a number of cars were broken into within the last week.

Police say they're still getting reports of break ins around the east side of the city near Radford University.

It's happening late at night or early morning mostly in cars that are unlocked.

Lt. Andy Wilburn told us, "The simplest thing is to hide your valuables. Either put them under the seat, put them in the trunk, take them in your house. Lock your car. I'm going to guess 95 percent of the break ins we've had, the car is unlocked."

Police are also investigating property damage at Pollo Loco Restaurant on East Main Street.

They say a number of cars were broken into there also.

Investigators aren't sure if any of the break ins are related.