Cattleman's Market opens near Lexington

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ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) “The Cattleman’s Market is basically an extension of our farming program,” explains Rosalea Potter.

One that takes advantage of the growth in the locavore movement.

“There’s all kinds of terms out there," Potter says. "But the one that seems to really resonate with people is local. And there is a comfort in knowing that this beef came from right down the road.”

Which, in the case of the store, is literally true. The Potter family has farmed cattle for seven generations.

“They had to travel 90 miles one way to have their beef processed,” Potter says.

So the meat is now processed locally at a small facility the Potters helped reopen.

“We saw that the agriculture industry wanted to do more direct marketing," according to Potter. "And we needed the facilities to be able to do that.”

And with this new retail location just outside Lexington, the journey is complete.

Potter says: “We really wanted to grow and expand our business. We fell like, if you’re not growing and evolving your business, it’s probably not going to last very long. And we saw the need to evolve and meet the demands of our customers.”

Including prepared food. So they brought in Collin Donnelly.

“The only guy in the kitchen," he says, laughing.

He is cooking up completed meals from the products.

“A lot of people have been wanting prepared food items and things like that," Donnelly says. "So we have all the great raw products, we might as well turn them into something.”

With everything from soup to shepherd’s pie, to go with everything else.

“And it’s almost become kind of like a local food hub for us,” says Potter.