Cause of Bedford County mobile home fire is undetermined

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BEDFORD Co., Va. (WDBJ7) “You can see, there's just not much left,” says Bedford County Fire Marshal Jeff Pauley as he searches for what caused the fire that destroyed a mobile home in Bedford County Friday morning.

“Based on what the homeowner said it was an accidental fire, based on his story it started in an electrical outlet,” says Pauley.

His job is to find evidence that supports that.

“Trying to find the wires from the receptacle can be challenging,” says Pauley.

He's digging through the belongings of seven people, four adults and three children, who were inside.

They lost everything, even Christmas presents.

“if they were in this room and this is where the fire started the chances of finding anything are slim to none,” says Pauley.

“We're just taking up money, clothes, anything that anyone can donate to help them out,” says Kirsten Burton at The Back 40.

The mother of the children works at The Back 40 in Moneta.

The bar is collecting donations to help the family.

“They didn't even have shoes to go to the hospital, they lost everything,” says Burton.

Back at the home, Pauley says the damage was so bad he can't officially determine what caused the fire.

“It's traumatic and it's life changing and it takes a long time to get that back, and unfortunately, at least here in bedford county, we see that here quite a bit,” says Pauley.

Pauley says the American Red Cross will temporarily assist the family while they're displaced.

Donations to the family can be dropped off at The Back 40 located at:

1050 Hendricks Store Rd.
Moneta, VA 24121

If you’re donating clothes, they’re asking for the following:

Shoe - 10.5
Shoe - 8
Pants - 20
Shirts - 2x - 3x

Pants - 40/30
Pants - 40/32
Shoes - 10.5

Pants - 7/8
Shoes - 1
Shoes - 4
Clothing - 24 months

Pants - 12
Shoe - 3
Shoe - 11
Clothing - 4/5 T