UPDATE: Roanoke County student faces criminal charge, detainment after bringing gun to school

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A seventh grade boy has been charged with possession of a handgun on school property and taken to a juvenile detention center, according to a statement from Roanoke County spokesperson Amy Whittaker.

If convicted of the charge, listed as VA Code Section 18.2-308.1 (b), the student would be guilty of a felony under Virginia law.

Whittaker said based on the initial facts of the investigation, police have no reason to believe that the student intended to cause harm to anyone.

After being charged the student was taken to the Roanoke Valley Juvenile Detention Center.


According to Chuck Lionberger, Community Relations Specialist for Roanoke County Schools, a student at Cave Spring Middle School brought a loaded handgun to school Thursday morning.

Lionberger said the student brought the handgun to school on a dare and did not intend to harm anyone.

Cave Spring Middle School officials and the Roanoke County Police Department responded quickly and took action.

According to Lionberger, students and staff are currently safe and are continuing their school day.

Cave Spring Middle School officials said they strongly recommend parents speak with their students about the dangers and consequences of bringing inappropriate items to school.