Celebrate World Wildlife Day with the Roanoke Wildlife Rescue

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Satuday is World Wildlife Day, and DeeDee Hartson, the Executive Director of Roanoke Wildlife Rescue stopped by WDBJ7 Saturday Morning to talk with Caitlin Francis.

Roanoke Wildlife Rescue is a nonprofit organization that cares for injured, orphaned, sick, and displace wildlife. Our organization is run solely on donations and all of our staff are volunteers.
Hartson says there are some things everyone can do to help local wildlife:

- Keep your cats indoors to protect wildlife from attacks
- Minimize the herbicides and pesticides you use in your yard - look for natural alternatives. Also, avoid using garden netting because wildlife can become entangled causing serious injuries
- If you find wildlife that you believe needs help, contact a wildlife rescue center before you do anything - especially if it is a baby. Not all baby animals that are found alone need intervention. Also, raising orphaned wildlife without a permit is not only illegal - it puts the animal at risk for health issues and can prevent them from being releasable.

Hartson, and one of the volunteers brought one of their rescues, Franklin the opossum.

Franklin is a perfect example of why only people with the proper permits and training should raise wild babies. Franklin was found as a baby and raised by someone for months before he was surrendered to us. Unfortunately the people who rescued him did not raise him on a proper diet which caused Metabolic Bone Disease. Franklin is slow moving and his bones are fragile and susceptible to breaks. Because he has Metabolic Bone Disease he is not able to be released.

If you’d like to learn more about Roanoke Wildlife Rescue, visit their website http://roanokewildlife.org/ .