Census bureau says your census answers are more important than ever

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - While the coronavirus has delayed responses to the 2020 Census, leaders say the virus has also shown why the Census is so important.

So far, 57 million people have responded. But the Census Bureau fears that without door-to-door services, they might not get an accurate count.

That could lead to problems in getting enough money back to state and local governments for services which are proving themselves so critical right now.

"Programs such as emergency management, health care administration, health care infrastructure, roadways, schools, school lunch programs, SNAP, food stamps," said Michelle Archer with the US Census Regional Office in Philadelphia. "All those federal programs and state programs rely heavily on the federal funding that is deemed from the census count."

As of right now, the Census count will wrap up at the end of August - one month later than usual. You can submit your answers by mail, over the phone or online.

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