Centra, Commonwealth want a dismissal in 2016 shooting suit

LYNCHBURG Va. (WDBJ7) An update tonight in a lawsuit filed against Centra Health.

Both Centra and the Commonwealth have said they want the case thrown out.

More than a year ago, Jonathan Warner was shot four times in a Centra facility after lunging toward a guard.

In August, Warner's attorney filed a lawsuit against Centra, the Commonwealth, and the architecture firm of the facility.

Centra and the Commonwealth have stated the court should grant a dismissal.

The architecture firm denies negligence.

But Warner's attorney is hopeful it will go to trial in the next year.

"Frankly I'm ready to go to trial right now. I've had a year and a half where I have devoted most of my legal practice to investigating this case thoroughly. I'm confident that I have the ability right now to tell the story as it happened and state John's case," said Paul Valois, the attorney, representing John Warner.

Centra did release a statement for the first time since the lawsuit has been filed.
The statement says:

“We are carefully reviewing the filings, and taking the appropriate legal steps. This was an unfortunate situation for everyone involved. We have an obligation to be thorough and professional during this time of active litigation, therefore we are unable to comment directly on the case at this time. Patient and employee safety is our top priority, and our doctors, nurses and staff work incredibly hard each and every day in support of that goal.”