Centra, community partners collect 5,500 socks for homeless

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) As the weather in our region turns cold, one healthcare organization is working to make sure some vulnerable people in our community have a way to stay warm.

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Centra recently partnered with local churches, schools and non-profits to collect socks for the homeless.

Through their efforts, they collected 5,500 pairs of socks. They'll be donated to the Parkview Community Mission and the Salem VA Medical Center, where the socks will be distributed with a special emphasis placed on homeless military veterans.

"One of the greatest needs among the shelters in our area is socks. They don't have enough to go around, specifically to veterans, so we decided to try and fill that need," said Centra Hospice volunteer coordinator, Emma Clemenson.

Centra's sock collection is an initiative that falls under the national "We Honor Veterans" program.

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