Centra's cancer center hosts 'Musical Month of March'

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)-- The Allen B. Pearson Cancer Center in Lynchburg is marching into the month with some music.

If you walked into the lobby at 11:30 Monday morning you would have heard a harmonica and guitar combo, definitely not your typical cancer center lobby.

All month long, musicians are donating their time and bringing their music to the patients.

"Manys of time we've had cancer patients come down the stairs and say I really enjoyed listening to you guys when I was getting chemo therapy," said Glenn McGrath who was playing guitar in the lobby on Monday.

The volunteers and staff at the center say they have seen the music brighten people's days.

"Just to have a cheerful atmosphere when people come in, not so clinical. It just kind of takes your mind off a little bit when you come through that door," said Anita Lowe, Community Liaison for the cancer center.