Charlottesville School Board bans confederate imagery in dress code

Published: Nov. 2, 2018 at 1:59 PM EDT
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The Charlottesville City School Board voted to ban hateful imagery at Thursday night's meeting.

The resolution specifically bans confederate and white supremacist imagery and symbols.

The board said members of the community initially came to them and urged them to make a change.

They said they made the final decision because they think hate imagery creates intimidation among certain groups of students.

"I can say from my own child being in the schools that these symbols are intimidating, especially after the events of August 12. We want to create an environment where kids feel safe," said Board Member Amy Laufer.

Members of the school board also attended a webinar Tuesday hosted by the Virginia School Board Association.

The webinar discussed various legal cases of intimidating imagery in dress code policies.

"This is part of a bigger picture for us right now, looking at, what are the issues that may impede the achievement of certain groups of children?," said Vice Chair of the School Board Sherry Kraft.