Charlottesville musician hosts mini concerts on front lawn for neighbors

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR)-- Individuals in the Charlottesville community are finding their own ways to ensure everyone can enjoy the arts during this time of heightened isolation.

Bob Bennetta plays the keyboard on the front lawn of his Belmont home to spread music and joy to his neighbors.

“I’ve been in Fellini’s 15 years on Friday nights playing piano and I miss it,” Bennetta said. “So, I want to come out and play, but the main thing, everybody’s excited and give thumbs up as they drive by.”

Even though he misses playing for a crowd, Bennetta said he’s fallen in love with the rhythm of this new gig.

“They come out on their porches know i think it alleviates,” Bennetta said. “Let’s face it, it’s pretty boring to just stay inside all the time. And there’s a feeling of community. Plus I just love playing anyway, I mean, that’s probably pretty obvious. And it’s a great thing to do.”

Bennetta will continue to play mini concerts outside two to three times a week. He hopes to eventually get back together with his “socially-distanced” band called SFA, which stands for six feet apart.

“Nobody has to congregate, they just get the feeling that we’re all in this together and by goodness, you know, we can see each other and we’re gonna wave and we’re gonna listen, I just think it’s cool,” Bennetta said.

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