Childcare remains an issue as schools plan for fall

Published: Jun. 11, 2020 at 10:29 PM EDT
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As K-12 schools work on their

, administrators are facing a range of issues: everything from busing to classroom layouts is being complicated by coronavirus.

But one of the biggest problems facing school districts statewide is providing childcare for parents and teachers.

Administrators in Roanoke County say parents have been reaching out, worried how they'll care for kids who could be learning from home several days a week. Some have said they could have to quit a job to make things work.

"We do understand that childcare is a major priority," said Rhonda Stegall, executive director of administration for Roanoke County Schools.

Stegall has been digging through new state guidelines on school reopening. While she says the county doesn't have a definite plan to balance in-class and remote learning, Roanoke County students will almost definitely be learning from home a few days a week.

As a result, the school district is looking for outside help to solve the childcare issue.

"It's a community issue. It's not just a school issue," said school board member Mike Wray.

Wray says the board has reached out to county government to find alternative locations where childcare can take place. He says they also have a special focus on helping teachers with school-age children.

"How can we ask the teachers to come in, when they don't have childcare for their own kids?" said Wray.

Stegall and Wray say they're still in the ideas phase. They hope to have a finalized plan for the district - including childcare solutions- by the end of the month.

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