Chilhowe community says goodbye to fallen trooper

CHILHOWIE, Va. (WDBJ) - After Trooper Lucas Dowell's funeral, the Chilhowie community came together to watch the procession.

Whether folks of the Chilhowie community knew Trooper Dowell or not--they all came out to show their support.

"I feel, you know, sorrowness in my heart for their loss and as a brother of law enforcement it means a great loss to the world," Rick Romans, Former Chilhowie Police Department Deputy Chief, said.

Romans went to church with Dowell and his family, but Dowell's death resonates with Romans on another level.

"Police is a brotherhood and you lose one, it's just like losing your own brother," he said.

He joined the community to watch the funeral procession. Dowell's casket was carried in the first tactical truck.

U.S. Air Force Reserve member Brian Martin was among those watching.

"When I put on this uniform, I serve our country, but these kids who wear that badge, they serve our community day in and day out, and I just feel like, we're brothers in arms," Martin said.

Martin grew up in Chilhowe--a place he says is tight-knit.

"Today to me, means--it means home," he said.

Brandon Moore, the Assistant Fire Chief of the Chilhowe Fire and EMS Department, added, "You don't have to question whether you're alone, you're never alone."

Moore wants the family to know--they're not alone.

'We want to do everything we can for the family, and we want to be here for whatever they may need, and hopefully we honored him today," he said.

While the procession has ended--the memory of Trooper Dowell will live on.