Chinese students are preparing for the SAT at North Cross School

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ROANOKE Co., Va. (WDBJ7) Roanoke County's North Cross School is literally taking education around the world.

It's sister school in Shanghai is called North Cross-Xinhe School.

And for the first time, some of those students are visiting the Roanoke Valley take an American test many high school students are all too familiar with.

A first glance, a group of students in a room at North Cross School looks like your typical study group.

There a SAT books.

Students are taking notes.

And there’s a teacher, teaching.

]But if you listen. and look a little closer, you really it’s not your typical American group of students.

“All the students in our class basically want to apply for a university in the united states,” said Carly Liu.

They're from North Cross School's sister school in China where they get an American education.

But in order to go to an American university, they need to take the SAT, and it's not longer offered in China.

“So rather than going to maybe Hong Kong or Japan or someplace they came to the U.S. that way they're living with an American family for two and half weeks this way they're kind of getting into the frame of mind of living in America, beefing up their english,” said North Cross teacher Scott Dreyer.

They're taking intensive english classes at North Cross Monday through Friday for two weeks for prepare.

“work on vocabulary, reading, listening, pronunciation, grammar, and a heavy dose of American History as well,” said Dreyer.

“it's very hard so i'm a little nervous and it's a very important task if I want to have a good university, I need to get a good high score on SAT test,” said Thomas Lin.

“I was totally nervous about this. it's the first time for me to take a such a big exam,” said Liu.

But they're studying hard and learning fast.
“these are really, really, truly able capable students who are going to represent both North Cross and Xinhe very well, very well into the future,” said North Cross School’s Director of International Programs Robert Robillard.

And their future could be here, in the United States.

“i really like it here, yeah,” said Liu.

The first step though, is taking the SAT on June 4th at Patrick Henry High School.

The students are also taking tours of colleges in Virginia.

So far, they visited Virginia Tech, UVA, and William and Mary.