Chris Hurst reacts to winning District 12 delegate seat

Published: Nov. 8, 2017 at 1:01 AM EST
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A race that gained national attention was over the District 12 Delegate seat between incumbent Joseph Yost and challenger Chris Hurst.

Hurst won the District Tuesday by securing just over 54% of the vote.

When asked about the big win, Hurst said, "Yeah, it's a big night for me, but I think this is an amazing opportunity for the people of this District to be fully represented across the entire district. I think it's an unbelievable enormous opportunity, now for the entire Commonwealth with this movement that has been crystallized here in this race here in the New River Valley.

"Now the possibilities are unlimited and it's time to identify what the common priorities really, truly are with this new dynamic, politically, now in the Commonwealth, and then go achieve results that actually give tangible, positive benefits to people's lives."

The night came down to the 10 precincts in Giles County which came in late and all at once. As soon as those results were announced and Hurst was leading, the race was called.

During his speech at the Hyatt Place in Blacksburg he thanked the people who voted for him and promised to support everyone, including those who didn't.

He said after his speech, "No matter if you are blue or red, whether you voted for me or not, we need to start bringing this New River Valley together and not continuing to look at it as different localities that aren't really unified as one."

He said in Richmond he hopes to get more funding for education, affordable health care in the district, work on the opioid crisis, and address creating good paying jobs.

"I just don't want to see anymore families have to have children and grandchildren not live anywhere near them and have the heartache that they experience of not being able to have their family close by because their kids have to leave in order to find gainful employment somewhere else. I think that still is the most substantive issue that addresses this district," Hurst said.

Two people in the crowd supporting Hurst were the parents of his girlfriend Alison Parker.

"I'm thrilled. I know that Allison is smiling and she's with us and enjoying every minute of this," Alison's father Andy Parker said. "I will never see my dreams for her come true, but I think I will for Chris."

Hurst said of Parker, "I think she would have been proud of me, I think knowing Alison and how determined and driven she was, she probably would have wanted me to perform even better we did. She would have immediately started to bend my ear about making sure that this seat belongs to the people of this District, it does not belong to me, that I have been hired for a two year contract, and that contract comes with a list of responsibilities and demands, and I need to start working to meet those demands and be responsible with how I execute this job by staying true and close to the people of this District, and she wouldn't want it to be any other way."

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