Christiansburg High School exhibit honors local African American history

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A Christiansburg school that closed more than 50 years ago is living on through the work of students.

An exhibit of the school now commemorates the Christiansburg Institute and shares its rich 100 year history.

It's in the lobby of Christiansburg High School and was created by students in a service learning course.

The African American school operated until 1966 just a few hundred yards from the current high school. It was only after schools integrated that the institute was no longer put to use.

"This is Christiansburg High School but it used to be an institute before that so it's kind of good that we have this in here just to let all the students know that it was something more than it was," said Quinton Clayborne, a 12th grade student.

William Calloway, a graduate of the institute is teaching the class that installed the exhibit.

"It's a big part of the community of Christiansburg. The black community. And as they found out so many black students had to travel from all over to come to Christiansburg. Floyd County, Pulaski, Shawsville, Elliston, Blacksburg, they all had to come to this one high school," Calloway said.

Dozens of pictures and artifacts are on display showing the history of the school.