Christiansburg High School students honor friend in a big way at prom

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Regan Young didn't plan to stay long at Christiansburg High School's prom last Saturday.

"I was going to leave because I was feeling bad," Young, a senior at CHS, said.

The dance was in a new location this year and too good to pass up.

"It was decorated beautifully, everybody was having a good time when I got there and dancing. It was fun," said Nick Carroll, this year's Prom King.

Young gave in and decided to stay when she found out in advance who was this year's Prom Queen.

"It was just awesome. So emotional. Just one of the best things ever," Young said.

Young got out her phone, started recording, and squeezed up to the front as this year's school royals were being announced. She did it mainly to get reactions but really to capture the moment the Prom Queen's name was read.

The crowd went wild as her best friend since 5th grade, Anna Hodges, was given the honor. There wasn't a dry eye in the place.

"I was trying not to cry because I was holding the camera and I couldn't wipe my tears," Young said.

"It just makes your heart warm. It makes me very proud to go to CHS when they voted Anna to be Prom Queen," Carroll said.

Hodges can't walk or talk, but on this night none of that was required, because what her class did spoke volumes.

At the start of the night it was anyone's crown. Students voted for King and Queen from a list of everyone in the class when they arrived at prom. Out of all the girls there, they chose Hodges.

"Everyone just voted for Anna. There were no campaigns or anything," Young said.

The couple posed for pictures and danced while their classmates just stood back and watched.

Young posted the video on Facebook and in less than a week it's got more than 64 hundred views.

"I watched it last night and cried like a baby. It's so happy," Young said.

Hodges used her tablet to write a message to her friends. She wants to thank everyone and told her teacher Ms. Potter that she was a baby for crying during our interview.