Christiansburg High star athlete alumnus invited to try out with San Francisco 49ers

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A star athlete at Christiansburg High School is entering the big leagues.

Joey Augustin was invited to try out with the San Francisco 49ers - a first for a graduate from Christiansburg.

There's a poster Assistant Principal Amy Williams is proud to own. It's the first basketball team from Christiansburg High School to win a state championship in 2012 - and with the game net around his neck is Joey Augustin.

"No matter what I put in front of him and pushed and pushed and pushed he always hung in and did what he needed to do in order to be on the field, the track, the court, whatever. He was always a student first," said Amy Williams, an assistant principal.

Augustin set the bar at Christiansburg. Former coaches say his talents were noticed early.

"He ended up being a school record holder in the 300-meter dash and also on the four by four relay in outdoor and indoor track and on a state championship four by four relay team that we had indoor as well," said Shane Guynn, a current assistant principal and Augustin's track coach.

No one has broken those records since he set them. On the field coaches say he was a threat anytime he touched the ball. He played quarterback, running back, and wide receiver.

"I just do what I had to get to the end zone," Augustin told us in a 2012 after a big win.

We were there as he made unforgettable plays on the field in Christiansburg. He later played football at the University of Charleston. Augustin is now invited to try out with the San Francisco 49ers. He signed as an undrafted free agent and must show off his skills again during a mini camp and training camp.

His principals and coaches are just happy he's made it this far.

"He's kept me in the loop and to hear he actually got selected by a team for this opportunity is fantastic and I am so very excited for him," Williams said.

"I could not be more proud of him. I sent him a message today and I just said I'm so proud of you, I'm so proud that you stuck to your goals and I'm really excited to see where this opportunity takes you," Guynn said.

Augustin still has to perform well enough to make the roster. But it's still a first for Christiansburg High School. No graduate from the school has ever made it this far.