Christiansburg Livestock Market to reopen under new management following controversy

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A longtime Christiansburg business is reopening this week with new owners. This after controversy with the previous management at the Christiansburg Livestock Market.

The people previously running the location were allegedly writing bad checks to customers, however Christiansburg Police say there is no open investigation into it.

The new group running it said they've been taking calls and people showing up asking about their money. But they're not associated at all.

The Milton family, now running the Livestock Market, has had to send people with previous accounts to other organizations.

Office Manager Zach Milton explained, "We've sort of been giving [them] the government agencies that they should talk to, not trying to press any legal action, but [get them in contact with] the people they need to talk to that are, unfortunately, not us."

He said companies like this have bond requirements with the USDA to help with this. So customers have been trying to go through that.

"The bond amount is typically a day's sale, there's a trustee that is designated by the state, and then they're charged with paying out from there," Milton said.

However, he said the bond likely won't cover the amounts.

He's also been giving out contact numbers for Philip and Lori Nolen, the previous managers.

But when calling the two numbers, one doesn't have a voicemail set up and the other's mailbox is full.

Milton's family has owned the stockyard for nearly 70 years.

When the Nolens' rent checks bounced, they agreed to leave one month early. So now the family is taking over the business again.

"It sort of takes more of a family atmosphere, so everyone's welcome," Milton said. "There's people who haven't come in years, hopefully that familiar name will bring a lot of people back."

They already have 70 animals registered to come to their first sale Wednesday at 2 p.m.

"We understand that short term we're probably going to have to wade through some stuff but eventually sort of bring it back to the glory," Milton said.