Christiansburg Police Officer surprises Pulaski family after traffic stop

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A Pulaski woman got the surprise of her life from a Christiansburg Police Officer after he pulled her over last week. Now she's calling the officer her Christmas Miracle.

Jessica Paschal and her family were on a nice family drive through Downtown Christiansburg when she was stopped.

Not the kind of lights you're hoping for this time of year. But she knew what it was for.

She had already been pulled over before for expired tags on her car.

She explained, "We just showed him the tickets and was like, 'We already got in trouble for it, is it okay if we just don't get in trouble for it again? We're working on it, we're just struggling.'"

Officer Mike Nelson understood and gave her a warning.

He also likes to check the back seat to make sure kids are wearing their seat-belts.

He recalled, "She had rolled the back window down and I came into contact with the kids and they were just really bubbly and happy and just really took a liking to me and we had a really good rapport."

After they parted ways, Officer Nelson kept thinking about the kids and the fact the family is struggling.

So without telling anyone he was doing it, he sent a package full of coloring books, crayons, notebooks, cars for Andrew and a doll for Alexis.

Paschal said, "We kept going through it and going through it and I was just crying with every item, just saying, 'This is amazing!' I couldn't believe it."

"For a complete stranger to help me without me even asking or hinting or anything, is so rare and so nice, it puts me at a loss for words," she added.

The family wanted to thank him immediately. They tried calling first with no answer, so they just showed up at the Department and waited for Officer Nelson to get back.

"The little girl, she jumped off the bench and ran and gave me a hug and that was worth a million bucks to me," Officer Nelson said. "That was the best Christmas present I could get."

Jessica said it means even more to her family.

"I told him, I was like, we're going to be thankful for you forever, and I'm always going to remember it," she said.

She went onto say, "I want to use this generosity and everything as an example and try to teach my kids that that's how they need to be when they grow up, because we do need more people like that in the world."

Officer Nelson also gave the kids some stickers and one of these breast cancer police patches each.

When they got there Thursday, he offered to give them a tour of the department and set up another day that they could meet the police dogs.