Christiansburg Town Council holds closed meeting following police standoff with town manager

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Tuesday night the mayor of Christiansburg and Town Council were scheduled to have a regular meeting. That was postponed due to the standoff and attempted suicide of Town Manager Steve Biggs.

But they did still meet.

It was very short for what cameras were allowed inside for.

Town Council almost immediately went into a closed session. But not before briefly addressing what happened with Biggs Tuesday morning.

As with all Town Council meetings in Christiansburg, Tuesday's would begin with a moment of silence.

But after the attempted suicide of their town manager, this was a more significant moment.

Mayor Mike Barber said in the meeting, "We are going to observe a moment of silence based on the issues of the day. Hopefully we can keep Mr. Biggs and his family in our prayers."

That was followed by 16 seconds of silence.

Shortly after that, a motion was made before council to remove all items from the agenda and add only one.

Council Member Samuel Bishop said, "I move to amend the agenda to add a closed meeting pursuant to 2.2-3711a1 of the Virginia Code to discuss the Town Manager."

Fellow Council Member Cord Hall seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously, with one member absent, to go into a closed meeting

Cameras were not allowed in for the rest of the meeting, but interim Town Manager Randy Wingfield had with him pamphlets and documentation on dealing with a critical incident in the workplace.

A person in the meeting said afterward nothing was voted on or decided. It was just a time for everyone to be together and heal.

That same person person said the town was aware of the protective order filed against Biggs by one of his neighbors. The council also knew that order expired and was not continued last month.

Council members met in a closed meeting on March 14 about it, but never took any formal action or vote, as they would only do so after the investigation was completed.

Mayor Barber and all the council members all said things were too raw from Tuesday to make any official statement on camera after the meeting, beyond what was sent out by the town earlier in the day.