Christiansburg considering rehabilitating old buildings instead of building new

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Christiansburg town officials and residents are trying to fix up old, empty buildings.

The town said there are nearly a dozen they'd like to fix up in Downtown alone.

Kenney Payne, the Vice President of Mosely Architects in Richmond is in charge of quality control, risk management, and training.

He spoke Thursday to a group of 60 about the advantages of rehabilitation code versus the stringent building codes in Virginia.

He explained, "The rehab code gives some relief from that. They offer greater flexibility than the building code would, they allow a lot of trade offs, a lot of exceptions to meeting the construction codes."

Christiansburg Building Official Jerry Heinline said, "The big cost you run into on building construction is obviously the structural components. But having all those components already here, we don't have to fix those, they're existing, we can point all of our money, all of our attention on the inside of this building."

Heinline added up next is finding even more vacant, older buildings that could be rehabilitated and used.