Christiansburg dental office puts smiles on kids' faces with free dental care

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) They say your smile is your first business card. But for some, lack of health care coverage makes it hard to go to the dentist.

One dental office in Christiansburg put smiles on kids' faces this weekend.

Hygienists and doctors at Kool Smiles helped many families by providing free dental care for their "Sharing Smiles Day."

"Kool Smiles in general is about the kids, but we have days like this where we can serve the community, that needs it," Peggy Rucker of Kool Smiles said.

"I'm really really excited for the results we have today. I know we are changing the kids life today," Dr. Orlando Abreu of Kool Smiles said.

This is the first time the Kool Smiles location in Christiansburg has participated in the "Sharing Smiles Day."

"We have a lot of kids that can come and get the treatment they need..I'm very excited that Kool Smiles is actually doing this so we have the opportunity to help the parent," Rucker said.

Once families come in and get care, Kool Smiles puts them in contact with government agencies so that the child can continue to receive care.

Dr. Abreu says continual care is important. Untreated tooth decay can result in serious infections, difficulty eating, sleeping or even speaking.

"Dental care is not cosmetic but dental care is the care of your entire body everything that goes through your teeth could be concerns later in your body," Dr. Abreu said.

Although the three-hour event is only once a year, the Christiansburg dentists hope to have more staff willing to volunteer time so more kids can get help.