Christiansburg firefighter named First Responder of the Year

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MONTGOMERY CO., Va. (WDBJ7) One of Montgomery County's longest serving firefighters received recognition Thursday for his decades of service.

Danny Yopp, the Assistant Fire Chief with the Christiansburg Fire Department, was awarded the inaugural First Responder of the Year Award by the Blacksburg Rotary Club.

"There are so many more people in Montgomery County that are as deserving as I am for this award and it was just mind boggling be the recipient of it," Yopp said.

Yopp has been a volunteer for 43 years and was acknowledged for his fire prevention efforts and years of saving lives.

"Year after year you could pick someone and never run out. There are that much talent and firefighters around," Yopp said.

The rotary club also donated $500 to the Christiansburg Fire Department.