Christiansburg police officer surprises high school student

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) Kindness from a stranger can change someone's world.

It can also be the start of a special friendship. One young man from Christiansburg High School found out his hard work and determination was not unnoticed.

Bryce Waldron works at Five Guys in Christiansburg. He's also a sophomore at Christiansburg High School.

"I don't like depending on people," he said.

So he finds his own way to get to school and work- his bike.

"My old bike, the brakes really wouldn't work on the left side. The tube in the back tire kept getting wrapped around my gears," he explained.

Sometimes it takes him 25 minutes to bike from downtown Christiansburg to school and to work.

"So you're biking over an hour, sometimes multiple hours a day?" WDBJ7 asked him.

"Sometimes yeah."

"On a busted bike?"

"Yeah. Pretty much," he laughed.

One day, Waldron was on his way to work.

"I couldn't even pedal," he said. "I was very irritated. I was like 'this is not going to be a good day.'"

That's when someone stopped to help.

"I just saw a young man trying to drive his bike down the street and saw that it wasn't working too well," Officer Kevin Tucker said.

Tucker works for the Christiansburg Police Department. He gave Waldron a lift to work.

"I told him if he wouldn't mind, let me take the bike back to the PD and see if I can try and fix it for him," Tucker said.

However, the bike needed more than a new tire.

"I noticed right away that the bike was in pretty rough shape," Tucker said. "I just knew that bike wasn't going to last much longer."

After returning the repaired bike, Officer Tucker had another thought.

"Just felt that maybe trying to find him something a little bit nicer to ride to work and school was the least I could do to help him out."

It was a surprise Waldron didn't see coming.

"My school officer told me to come to her office," Waldron said.

"The look on his face at first was like, 'Uh-oh, did I do something wrong?'" Tucker said.

"It seemed like I was in trouble," Waldron laughed.

"Told him that on behalf of the Christiansburg Police Department, we wanted to give him a new bike," Tucker said.

"I really appreciated it, you know?" Waldron said. "It was a really appreciative kind of moment."

His new bike is a lot faster.

"I can get to places a lot more faster," Waldron said. "I work this weekend so I think we're going to have a busy weekend."

As the holidays draw closer, Waldron said he has another reason to be thankful.

"I really do appreciate this," he said.

Waldron shared the moment on Facebook to show his gratitude for Officer Tucker's kindness. Tucker said, he was impressed with Waldron's determination and wants him to be an example for other teenagers in their community.