Christiansburg police talk safety after man tried luring boys away at park

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Christiansburg police are warning parents and kids about the dangers of child predators.

Just a few days ago, police say a man walked up to three boys and asked them to get in his truck. It all happened on Hickok Street at a church playground in Christiansburg that's open to the community. It was supposed to be a fun, warm day playing on the swings and monkey bars.

On the same day, an organization was using the church for an event, police say a man pulled up in a truck and approached three boys. When they refused to go, police say he offered them candy, then left and drove around the block several times.

An adult in the area helped report the incident to police. They're using this situation as an example to teach kids and parents about the dangers of people luring kids away.

"Have the conversations with your child, similar to having a fire drill at your home," Officer Nathan Delp with the Christiansburg Police Department said.

Town police aren't elaborating on this incident, but say they are increasing patrols near all parks within town limits mainly because of the warmer weather.

"When we see warmer weather coming, crimes against children, and crimes involving children both really increase during the summer months," Delp said.

It's still winter but the recent warmth is bringing more kids to the park. Unfortunately this time, police say they believe it also brought a person looking to take advantage of kids.

"We train kids not to be loud in public but then if someone approaches them, if a stranger or someone comes by," Delp said. "I think it's important to tell children that's an OK instance when you can scream, you can shout."

Police are commending the kids for turning the man down who walked up to them at the park.They say this is a random instance here in town but are asking other kids to be brave, stand their ground, and yell if this happens to them.

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