Christiansburg repairing numerous water pipe breaks

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) It's a busy week in Christiansburg with crews repairing water main breaks Monday through Thursday.

The Public Works Department said it is normal to see more breaks this time of year as it gets colder.

In November, there were seven water breaks in town, compared to five in November, 2016.

One of them happened on Mink Street, off Route 11, where crews just finished up work Thursday.

It's nothing they haven't done before. But some believe it's happening more frequently this year.

That's because the Town said new policies are keeping people in the loop.

Town Utilities Superintendent Ryan Hendrix said, "We've got an increased effort to have a better customer service, and more notifications as far as these events as they occur."

With this repair, crews alerted two homes and one business.

Those people said it wasn't too inconvenient for them to lose water for 30 to 45 minutes, and they appreciated the crews letting them know what to expect.

It is the time of year where the number of breaks per month goes up because of the weather and it's effect on aging pipes.

So if anyone loses water or water pressure, there's an important step to remember once the water turns back on.

Hendrix explained, "There's a series, a process, where you start at your highest tap, your highest faucet, and you open those up and then you're letting those run for around five minutes to flush all the air out of the line, any potential sediment that stirred up in your house."

He added, that's a precaution to take, and if anything seems wrong with the water afterwards, call your local town or city hall to have someone come out to survey the issue.

Hendrix wanted to assure people it is not a time for people to sit outside waiting for their pipes to break. It's not that kind of emergency.

But the next three months are expected to see more breaks as the pipes suffer when there are numerous freezing days in a row, and then a day spikes up into the 60s.

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