Christiansburg's Starlite Drive-In issued noise violation after complaints

Published: Jun. 2, 2017 at 2:05 PM EDT
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A favorite summertime spot just received its first violation in its 65 year run. Starlite Drive-In movie theater was given a noise violation Saturday for playing the sound too high during movies.

A Christiansburg police officer was called to a home near the theater Friday night, May 26th, where the sound could be clearly heard from more than 100 feet. The town's ordinance states noise cannot be heard from a distance 50 feet or more from the business.

"The one's doing the complaining should realize that I'm just trying to make a living. I'm not trying to make anybody mad," said Peggy Beasley, Starlite's owner.

A town spokesperson says this is the only summons that has been issued to Starlite since the theater changed its speaker system from window-mounted speakers to an amplified outdoor system. Before then, police received no complaints.The original speakers were too costly to maintain and many disappeared.

"Oh yeah they'd steal them by accident or on purpose, whatever, they steal them. And sometimes they drive off with it still in their car," Beasley said.

Starlite also has a radio station people can turn to, to hear the movie sound through their car radio. The owner says last week at least a dozen cars had to be jumped because the batteries had died. The radio ran the car battery down while the movie was playing and the vehicle was off.

"The town has insisted that I turn it down, so I've lost customers," Beasley said.

The owner also tells WDBJ7 people began to steal their window-mounted speakers. Replacing them became pricey.

The owner filed an injunction Friday. She's due in court in July to discuss the violation.