Chunks of turquoise ice showing up on area rivers after recent warm up

Pocahontas Co.,WV We've gotten numerous photos of large chunks of ice washing up along riverbanks after the recent warm-up last week.

Most of the photos have come from the Highlands and in West Virginia, where the ice has been forming for almost a month due to the cold air.

The photo above is from Twitter follower Mindy Armstrong, taken over the weekend after the warm-up and recent rain.

WDBJ7 Chief meteorologist Brent Watts explains the age of the ice is one of the contributing factors in creating the blue tint.

"The older the ice is, the more compressed it gets. Basically, the newer ice on top squishes all the air bubbles out of the older ice on the bottom."

As the air bubbles are squeezed out, the ice becomes denser and bubbles are replaced by more ice crystals. This, along with other optical tricks, make the ice appear turquoise.

This process is even more pronounced in glaciers and icebergs that have been around for a very long time.