City of Radford and Montgomery Co. survey residents to expand broadband

Published: Jun. 19, 2019 at 11:42 PM EDT
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If you live in Montgomery County or the City of Radford, the NRV Regional Commission wants to hear from you.

According to senior planner Christy Straight, there are unaddressed broadband needs. Just before Memorial Day, they launched a survey to get feedback from the community.

“We’re the only two that didn’t have a plan in place and we thought let’s find out what your needs are so we can help you all get in the mix," Straight said. “If you don’t have a solution that’s working for you, we want to hear from you because that helps us identify what kinds of projects can we put in what areas and then we know where we can go get funding based on what those needs are.”

Straight said in 2017, the FCC changed its broadband guidelines to people needing to have 25 megabits per second of upload speed and three megabits per second of download speed. She said it's something people are not getting in the New River Valley, but technology has been evolving to catch up to it.

“There’s just nothing you don’t do that doesn’t require some kind of internet access, so to not have it is to fall behind, to have slow speeds is to fall behind, so we are doing everything we can to keep our region competitive and this is just a huge piece of that puzzle," she said.

The survey only takes about eight minutes to fill out and it will be available until the end of the month. Straight said 1,400 people have participated, but they would like to have more.

You can take the survey online here:

You can also go to a library or government office in the City of Radford or Montgomery County and fill out a paper copy. Straight said you can also contact the NRV Regional Commission directly and they can get you a survey as well.

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