City of Roanoke launches trash notification app

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) The city of Roanoke has launched an app that will help residents keep track of when their trash and recycling will be picked up.

After two weeks of testing, city officials rolled out their partnership with the app called "Recycle Coach" Wednesday.

For Christina Rose knowing when to take the trash out takes some guess work. "I'm a follower not a leader, I do whatever my neighbors are doing whether they are right or wrong," said Rose.

She explained around holidays, it can get particularly confusing.

"Sometimes the schedules change especially with 4th of July or Memorial Day weekend."

Solid Waste Region Management Manager Skip Decker hopes to help residents keep track of their trash and recycling with the new app.

"They'll be able to see for themselves when we pick up the trash, when we pick up their recycling in their area, even for holidays," said Decker.

City leaders also hope they can improve communications with their customers using this app.

"The bottom line is to get this information out as fast as possible to our customers," said Decker and explained the information on the app is already accessible on their website, but he expects the app will be easier for some people.

"People that are used to an iphone, they will be the ones, the up and comers, I should say."

While some we spoke with off camera said they don't see a need for the app, Rose thinks it will be useful for her.

"Everybody is glued to their phones so I think it is a great way to reach people," she said.

To find out how to download the app click here or visit: