Cleanup continues three months after fire claims Lexington business

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LEXINGTON, Va. Justin Peery shovels away at five years of blood, sweat and memories, all reduced to rubble.

"We never in a million years thought we would have something like this happen that would absolutely halt everything," he said.

In April, an oil furnace sparked a fire at the building. No one died, partly thanks to a 10 year-old boy who alerted people inside.

Peery said the flames caused about two million dollars in damage.

"It was just a lot of stuff here, a lot of space," he said. "This was just straight hard by the brow of your sweat money that we had put into it."

From the ashes, Peery has plans to build a pavilion that will host private parties and weddings. That's an idea neighbors say they love to hear.

"We've been staring at a pile of rubble for a long time and just wondering what he's going to do with it so I think it would be a great idea to see whether he's going to do with it," said Samantha Welsh, who lives next door.

Since the fire, Peery partnered with the Maple Hall Inn in Lexington and started a campaign to help raise money for the pavilion

He said he's tired of thinking about what was here and he's excited about moving forward.

"Sure we'll miss it, we think about it often and we're just happy that nobody got hurt, but we're really optimistic about the future," he said.

Peery said construction should begin next week and they'll have it open by October, just in time for a wedding.