Clifton Forge railyard starts new life

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CLIFTON FORGE, Va. (WDBJ7) Few signs remain of the old C&O railyards at Clifton Forge.
The historic buildings, decaying to the point of being dangerous, had been dormant since the 1970s.

While some sections – like the massive turntable -- were saved as part of the local railroad museum, the site was a burden on the town until a new business came to town.

Houff Corporation from Weyer’s Cave leased the newly cleared site and built a massive storage facility for road salt. They do a range of business, from agricultural to industrial, including the wholesale distribution of salt to communities and businesses.

Last week, the first shipment of 22 rail cars of salt arrived in the giant warehouse, getting ready just in time for any real winter weather that might come our way, finally giving a function to what might have been nothing more than a dangerous eyesore.