Coffee Pot building finds a new, artistic future

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ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY (WDBJ7) Mark Breithaupt is an artist. Using industrial scale tools, he turns stone and steel into graceful things of beauty.

“I do abstract contemporary stone art, and mixed media stone and steel art,” Breithaupt said.

And now, he’s also responsible for the care of a local landmark: the Coffee Pot.

“People in the community love it, and people who aren’t from here, when they drive by, they stop and they want to know what’s going on," Breithaupt said. "They have questions, they want to know what’s the history of this place. And I’ve started collecting the history and I give out little cards now that tell people a little bit about the history.”

And, if they want, he’ll show them his work.

“We have plans to, after mid-May, to invite artists to come set up here on Saturdays and Sundays and sell their art," Breithaupt said. "And we’ll have advertising, and we’ll have a banner, and we’ll have signs out so people will know that this is an art stop.”

All in hopes of making a building that is a work of art itself a place for art to thrive.

“This seemed like a real enjoyable experience and adventure to take on," Breithaupt said.