Coffee shop chalkboard in Lexington becomes work of art

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) The Lexington Coffee shop is known for its locally roasted coffees, bringing in crowds of loyal customers who check the chalkboards for what’s available.

Bruce Young/WDBJ7

But lately, one of the baristas has added a new reason the check the boards.

“When I open the coffee shop, doing the board to tell what coffee we have today ... is something we have to do anyway. And so I took advantage of the situation and started making them elaborate,” Emma Shapiro said.

She’s taken on a range of themes.

“She’s always got great pieces in there, you know," Gaby Cerkey, seated at a nearby table, said. "She’s got a lot of historical stuff, sometimes she’ll do some poetry.”

And for February, her theme was black history month.

“I try not to be too extreme with them," Shapiro said. "But I’ve pushed the envelope now and then.”

“It’s always a surprise," Cerkey said. "And it always adds something beneficial to the day, you know.”

Now to be fair, Emma Shapiro is a professional artist.

“This is very different from my work," Shapiro said. "This is just fun for me.”

And it let’s her reach an audience not in an art gallery.

“It’s for everybody. So, it’s for you," Shapiro said.