College GameDay team talks Hokie spirit, Virginia Tech

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) ESPN's College GameDay rolled onto campus here at Virginia Tech Monday and picked this spot for their broadcasts.

The GameDay crew you see on TV each Saturday is now in Blacksburg and took some time to talk with us today.

"This place has been special in the history of College GameDay it's also been special in the evolution and growth of college football in general on ESPN," said Rece Davis, the host of College GameDay.

The band is fired up, the stage is set, and the college game day crew is happy to be back in Blacksburg and in Lane Stadium.

"It starts off with, the way it starts off with Enter Sandman is insane that just gets your juices going. Me and Rece and couple years ago, I remember, we were doing something on the field and we just all the sudden started jumping up and down and it got your juices going," said David Pollack, from College GameDay.

The crew arrived to Virginia Tech earlier this week and explored campus, meeting students and fans and learning more about what makes this place so unique.

"When I was on my way to my hotel yesterday from working out I was just like, looking at the architecture around here it's just amazing some of these buildings look like castles," said Desmond Howard, an analyst with College GameDay.

It's been 10 years since College GameDay has been in Blacksburg.

Virginia Tech athletics said this week, this will be the epicenter of college football.